The TIGER resource, has been developed by the T2DSystems project, to enable for the first time a holistic appreciation of genetic and epigenetic background, as well as age, sex and environmental effects on the development and therapy of T2D. The integration and analysis of multiple datasets can be translated into novel hypotheses for T2D diagnosis and treatment, which can be experimentally and clinically validated. This unbiased approach enables the identification of evidence-based potential preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. TIGER will facilitate the interrogation of integrated pancreatic beta cell spaces and identification of the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic beta cell function versus failure at its real level of complexity.

TIGER will continue to develop to become a key driver of European diabetes research, as a tool that reaches beyond the T2DSystems boundaries and continues to operate after the completion of the project. From a realistic point of view, we have established TIGER based on datasets provided by a group of committed researchers, i.e. the T2DSystems partners. However, with the initial release of TIGER we are ready to reach out to other European consortia interested in the study of human islets and diabetes. 

The TIGER resource will provide academia and industry with a powerful new tool for investigating the molecular basis of T2D, identify potential new therapeutic targets, and provide information on the possible responses to new drugs for the treatment of the disease.